"Ask yourself, is there a hitting training device that helps you decrease your reaction time, improves your bat speed, and teaches you to aggressively attack the pitch?

Hitting a Baseball/Softball

Over the years I’ve learned that great hitters have 2 common traits – good eye/hand coordination and “fast hands”. Certainly, eye/hand coordination is improved with practice and muscle memory, but how can a hitter get fast, or faster, hands?

Better technique, and of course, PRACTICE!

A hitter’s “fast hands” are similar to a boxer seeing an opening in their opponent’s defenses and then quickly deciding to punch. They wait … wait … and then when they see the opening for their “jab” - their hand moves in a straight line from Point A–to-Point B and “BOOM”, they land their punch. Assuming equal power, the boxer with the faster hands will most often win.

It’s the same with hitting. The faster your hands are, the longer you can wait and watch. Then eye-hand coordination comes in to play.

And eye-hand coordination is all about muscle memory - doing the same thing over and over again until you and your muscles don’t even have to think about “how” to do it, they just do it. Because of the repetition, they just react in the same way they have a thousand times before in their garage or batting cage.

The more often a hitter can practice this fast “downward chopping motion”, receiving positive visual feedback along the way, the faster the hitter’s hands will get, and the better hitter he or she will become.

Slow Hands vs Fast Hands

Both Hitters With Batting Tee - But We Start Bad Habits - Final - 2 for Website
Bed of Air

Improve The Quickness of Your Hand Speed

Green Light - Swing NOW!  Timer starts

Red Light - Don't swing .... Wait, wait, wait


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