The height of the bed of air the ball sits on is dependent on the strength of the blower. This ball is standard size of 9 - 9.25in, but less than the standard baseball weight of 5 - 5.25oz.

How High?

We used brute force trial-and-error to determine the x/y/z angles for the 4 airflows that levitate the ball on a bed of air. We believe this is about 80% optimal for height and stability.

This ball, is a lighter than a normal ball, but it rests comfortably at 12+ inches in elevation. So clearly the height of the resting ball on a bed of air is determined by the strength of the air blowing from the four angled holes of MyAirTee vs the weight of the ball.  The source of air coming out of the 4 tubes is a 6-year old Toro leaf blower

Taking the prototype to the park. Our consumer product design company - Overwatch Development Corporation - will take the product to the final, rugged-ized MyAirTee batting tee. The principals in Overwatch designed a previous invention of ours, a video taping system that mounted on a golf cart, that won Sports Illustrated's "Top 5 New Products" at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando. They're great at what they do.


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