Where can I buy MyAirTee Batting Tee?  What is Kickstarter?

When we launch (which will be very soon), you will be able to “buy" MyAirTee on Kickstarter. However it is NOT the same as buying something off Amazon!

We’ve developed consumer sports products before, and building a durable, quality product is expensive. And now we're building one that will be hit with a metal bat.

Kickstarter.com is a community and website that helps inventors find funding for their inventions.  We’ve been working on MyAirTee for over 2 years now and we're coming to Kickstarter because we need your help to take this project to the next level.

Kickstarter’s been around since 2009 and is the #1 crowdfunding website, with over 19 million people backing projects, $5.6 billion has been pledged, and 196,990 projects have been successfully funded. Our project will take contributions from $50 to $449, with different rewards to contributors depending on your contribution.

Although we obviously hope that you will see this an excellent opportunity for you to help your hitters to excel at their craft, we also hope you’ll want to be a part of creating something that you can’t believe doesn’t already exist in the baseball/softball world.

To learn a little bit more about what Kickstarter is, you can find out more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/hello


How will MyAirTee determine the quickness of the batter’s swing?

A green “Swing Now” light will illuminate near the top of the tee, activating the timer. Once the ball is hit by the batter, a proximity sensor will realize this and stop the timer. MyAirTee may also have a “false” yellow or red light that the batter should not swing/hit the ball when this light illuminates.  This  may help improve the batter decision/reaction time, and eliminate guessing.


When MyAirTee is turned on, will the blower run constantly?

Prior to a ball being placed over the top of the Tee, the blower will be idle, similar to a hand dryer in a public restroom. However, when a ball is placed over the tee a proximity sensor will activate the blower.  Once the ball is hit, the blower will turn off.


How much will MyAirTee weigh?

We are still in the process of designing and building MyAirTee, but we estimate the weight will be less than 16lbs.


Will I be able to use MyAirTee for both baseball and softball?  There are different size/softballs. How will I be able to practice using the correct size ball for my age/sport?

MyAirTee uses 4 different airflow outputs from the blower (at the top of the tee) in order to levitate the ball on a bed of air.  These 4 airflow outputs will be implemented via a removable cap, similar to the cap on a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola. So for the baseball and the two different softball sizes, there will be 3 different caps that will be included with the product. You will be able to use MyAirTee for any of these sized balls and their respective weights.


Do you have any patents?

Patent was receved on August 29, 2017, #9,744,418.


Will you be shipping to Australia/New Zealand/Japan?

Until we determine the exact weight of the final product, we can’t commit to shipping overseas. So initially the product will only be able to be shipped domestically.


I’m a journalist and have questions, who do I contact?

Bob Kauffman, hitting@myairtee.com