The Traditional Batting Tee Problem

When a hitter practices the proper slightly downward hitting motion, they will often hit the ball into the top of the tee. This will lead them to incorrectly altering their swing and taking an uppercut swing, the exact opposite of proper hitting technique.

Quickly Improve Hand Speed

Having the ball floating above the Tee allows the hitter to practice moving their hands in a straight line/downward fashion from "Point A" to "Point B". They will learn to quickly move their hands in the Optimal "Fast Hands" Swing path, and they will be able to improve aggressively attacking the ball. This is frequently a problem with developing hitters.

Sitting On A Bed of Air

MyAirTee Batting Tee floats a regulation size and weight softball or baseball on a "bed of air" a minimum of 4-6 inches high. A built-in timer will calculate the quickness of the swing (the hitter’s “fast hands”) and also the speed of the ball (mph) once it's hit. The faster a hitters hands are, the longer they can watch the pitch coming in and they will make better decisions.

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